Leo Connellan

Poet Laureate of the State of Connecticut

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Praise for Leo Connellan
from American's Leading Poets

"I can't remember how long it's been since I read a book of poems with such attention and satisfaction. I enjoy reading [Leo Connellan] so much that I begin to think I don't enjoy other poetry." --Karl Shapiro

"As always, Connellan's poems have a credible compassion for (and identification with) the poor, the unlucky, the disesteemed; his anger at the dehumanizing aspects of commerce and technology arises, as before, from real experience; and once again he is a master at giving the look and savor of any stretch of out northern coast. He is assuredly one of our most distinctive poets " -- Richard Wilbur

"Leo Connellan does not belong to the mainstream of university poetry for university-educated readers, but to another mainstream of American consciousness whose textbook is raw life and whose words can be  understood by anyone." -- Richard Eberhart

"He is the poet of the American working class who is as sophisticated as any of the elite but who has retained working-class values as the nucleus of his program." --Hayden Carruth, Parnassas

"Few American poets have matched such ambition with the masterly achievement that Connellan demonstrates...." Thomas D'Evelyn, The Christian Science Monitor"

"Original, moving sand accessible poetry, and highly recommended." --Library Journal

"Connellan has shouldered a place for himself in the main tide of American poetry." -- Beloit Poetry Journal

"Mr. Connellan makes strong unspoken appeals for the reader's imaginative assistance. Some poets do all our work for us, and more. But this one's writing comes all sad and shaggy, rowdy, rough and ready, from deep regions of the now declassified unconscious." -- R.W. Flint, The New York Times [Sunday] Book Review.

Meet Leo Connellan:

Leo Connellan has published 12 books of poetry, including The Clear Blue Lobster-Water Country, Another Poet in New York, Crossing America, Death in Lobster Land, and Provincetown and Other Poems. He is now Poet-in-Residence for the Connecticut State University system.

Originally from Maine, Leo Connellan now resides with his family in northern Connecticut.

Major Poetry Awards

Leo Connellan has won some of America's most prestigious poetry awards, including

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